Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ruined - Paula Morris

Okay so this is your typical story of girl moves to a strange city, to live with her "crazy" aunt, and go to a horrid school, that has these awful group cliques, and meets the most handsome boy in the town, who of course likes her, even though she is broody. Oh yeah and her best friend is a ghost. 
So, of course I enjoyed it. Because hey, we have all been there right? 

Our main character is Rebeca. Her dad has to go away on business so he ships her of to New Orleans. And this, is her version of hell. She is from New York. A place with so many things to do, people to see. Her school was had all different kinds of people in it. Now she if being forced into a privet school where its not who you know, but who's family you are born into, that makes you popular. The most popular girl in school takes an instant dislike to Rebeca and Rebeca to her. She thinks it will be the longest six months of her life, until she finally meets someone who doesn't turn their nose up at her. Unfortunately that person has been dead, for 150 or so years. 

The story is told between the past and present of New Orleans during the height of Mardi Gras. Between two different worlds, living streets apart from each other. I thought the book was very nicely told, rich in detail, funny and sad...

I would recommend this book to others! 

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