Friday, March 25, 2011

The City of Ember Series - Jeanne DuPrau

Which includes four books, The City of Ember, The people of Sparks, The Prophet of Yonwood and The Diamond on Darkhold.

I really enjoyed the first two books. It took on a new idea of a city of people living underground while around them the world ended. 200 years later, their city that was built to only last a few centuries, is collapsing. Its up to two kids to find a way out. In the second book, the people of Ember are outside for the first time. They must get use to odd things, like weather and sunlight. The people of Sparks are a small, poor but proud community. They have come a long way since they settled and a leery about the 'cave people'.

I enjoyed them because it was a new concept. Instead of the world ending and people fighting to survive, or hundreds of years later people who adapted to the new world. Here was a group of people that didn't know what was wrong! It was fascinating.

The third and fourth book, for me, dragged a little. It was actually disappointing, since I enjoyed the first two. The third one is actually a prequel to the first two. The fourth wraps up from where the second one left off. I agree with the order of the books if you were to read them. I think the third one was interesting for it history, I think the fourth did wrap things up. But they just weren't as good as the first two.

I hear these are now made into a movie. I think the movie would have potential. Especially since it has the talents of Bill Murry, Tim Robbins and Toby Jones (yes Dobby from Harry Potter!). So I will hopefully enjoy the on screen adaptation of The City of Ember.

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