Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Impossiable - Nancy Werlin

I had hard time putting this book down. 
This is the story of Lucy who comes from a long lined of cursed women. Each one has gotten pregnant before 18, and then goes mad shortly after the birth of their daughters. Lucy knows nothing of the curse, just that her real mother is crazy. When she gets raped on Prom night, he whole world comes crashing down. 

Thankfully she has wonderful loving foster parents, and a very loving family friend, Zach to help her get through everything. The only problem is, to break the curse she must first perform three seemingly impossible tasks. Can she do it before she delivers? 

The story is based (inspired) but the old folk song Scarborough Fair. I think it was very imaginative and wonderfully written.

Fly Away Home - Jennifer Weiner

I really enjoyed this book! I think its a must read for anyone who enjoys a really long conversation with a good friend.

This book follows three women, from the same family, but all on much different paths. Sylvia - is watching her 30 odd year marriage fall apart in the midst of a scandal.
Diane - is a busy ER Doctor who is finds herself in a very unhappy marriage, and Lizzy is just getting out of rehab for the last time. All three women are trying to figure out, just where they want their lives to go. It seems when one door closes, another opens and for them, the hardest part is having the courage to step through.

This is an amazing book of love, trust, family and life. I think everyone can probably relate to at least one of the characters.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Water wars - Cameron Stracher

"A gripping environmental thriller with a with a too real message" Very true statement, least about the message. Unfortunately I didn't find the book griping. I found the writing boring. Which is unfair, I know, since I can't write. This book had such great promise. It was practically ready made for an awesome story. I just wish it was told by someone else.

In this Vera and Will meet a new kid Kai. Kai is rich, he drives around in a gas powered car, he was things they wish they had, and he has enough to waste. Water. He also has a secret. This secret gets all of them in way over their heads. Its takes Vera, Will and a band of misfits the world forgot to save Kai and his father. I...enjoyed the idea of this book. And I enjoyed some of it, but other parts were just lacking, hard to read. I wouldn't compare it to the hunger games. I would compare it to City of Ember...a nice super easy read...if not a little dull in places.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In her Shoes - Jennifer Weiner

Another really enjoyable book by Jennifer.
Rose and Maggie are as different as night and day, yet they do have one thing in common. Their DNA. Rose is practical, bookish and serious. Maggie, is thinks only of herself and her looks, is selfish and has a learning disorder that she has used to keep herself back her whole life.

When they get into the biggest fight of their lives they find out more about themselves then they ever had, and learn that by having a few of your sisters better traits really is a good thing.

Before I go to Sleep - S.J. Watson

This book was good. I spent most of the book wondering what they amazing twist would be. It really wasn't what I was expecting so that is always enjoyable.

Christina wakes up every morning with absoltly no memory. She thinks she is in her twenty's when in fact she is in her mid forties. Everyone morning when she looks in the mirror she finds a shock and has to be told, again, who she is, that she is married, and that she lost her memory due to an accident some twenty years prior.

Dr. Nash, who is doing clincial studies on the brain, has been helping her in secrete to recover her lost memories. He believe she can be cured. But are the memories worth retrieving?

This book keeps you guessing right up to the last page.

Forgotten - Cat Patrick

I enjoyed this book. It was a really good read.

London has a condition where when she goes to bed her memory gets 'erased'. The next day she reads notes from herself, and has 'memories' of the future. This has been okay for her until she meets Luke. She likes Luke a lot but try as she might, she can't remember him. Meaning, he has no place in her future. The more she tries to figure out why she can't see him in her future, the more her past comes back to haunt her.

As I said I quite enjoyed this book. It made me thankful to have a semi-working memory.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Enclave - Ann Aguirre 57

I think I found another author on my must devour every book they have ever written list. Awesome. Thankfully, this book did not have a squeal and for that I am grateful. I can't even begin to keep up with all the books that do.

In this after some unknown tragedy wipes out most of the population the people who live underground have never seen topside. They know its there, but they know its dangerous and that is all they need to know. Deuce is part of the Collage Enclave. Their nearest traders are Nassau, a three day hike. They are broken into three groups, and each on their fifteenth birthday, are put into one. Breeder's, Hunter's and Builder's. Deuce is a Huntress, and that is all she has ever wanted. When she gets paired up with the strange boy they found a few years back, Fade, she thinks its a test of her strength. Soon though, she begins to trust Fade more then the elders. When there is rumors of problems at the other Enclave Fade and Deuce are chosen to check it out. What they bring back is horrors that the Enclave isn't ready to deal with.

This is a gripping novel from page one. I spent most of the time wondering what happen to humanity. We get bits and pieces but nothing real concrete. For some reason this bugged me. I like the characters and really enjoyed the ending. So all in all a good read. I am looking forward to checking out more of her books in the future.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Then Came You - Jennifer Weiner #55

This is a beautiful book with really amazing character's. 

In this story - Jules is a senior in Collage when she is approached by a Fertility specialist. He tells her she is perfect candidate for egg donation, at a payout of 20,000. Jules thinks of how much that would help her father that she barley considers what would happen after. 

Annie - is a young mother of two amazing boys. She has married her high school sweetheart. They are struggling financially when she sees an ad for being a segregate mother - the pay out 50,000....thinking of all the amazing things she can do for her family, new jackets, paying off all the bills, she signs up. 

India- works in PR and has completely changed everything about herself. She meets Marcus Croft, who is a very well to do business man, millionaire,  at a Starbucks . She decides that she will marry him and all her dreams will come true. 
When Marcus has a heart attack she decides she better have a baby to make sure she gets the most of his will. Unfortunately she is infertile. Not to be denied she goes with a egg donation and surrogate. Thus, bringing all these women together in a way neither of them ever imagined. 

Its an amazing story, of love, life, friendship, pain, betrayal, and expecting the unexpected. I really enjoyed this story, from the first page to the last. I look forward to reading more of Jennifer's books.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Blood Approves - Amanda Hocking

Another Hocking book that I LOVED! I defiantly will be purchasing the rest of the series!

In this - Alice meets Jack, Alice is unsure of her feelings for Jack and Jack is unsure of his feeling for her. All they know is they like spending time with each other. When Alice meets Jack's family they all love her! All except Peter. Peter seems to outwardly loath her entirely. This destroys her for reason she can not fathom. Nor can she reason, why she feels so compelled to be with Peter, when its Jack she has the most fun with.

She soon of course learns that there is more to this family then meets the eye. This has of course the feel of all the other teenage, vampire movies/books out these days. Honestly, I am okay with the Twilight similarities and more often then not the Vampire Diaries similarities. I think the book has enough originality to compensate. There are not that many original ideas out there. So I think when you read a good book, with a popular subject, you will find things that remind you of something else. Its inevitable.

With all that being said. I am eager to read the next three and looking forward to five and six when they are released. Unfortunately I took out a great many books from the library recently and must read those before continuing with the Alice/Jack/Peter triangle.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Hallowland - Amanda Hocking

First of all - Its a series - I knew that going in but it still sucked on the last page. Second, and most importantly. I LOVED THIS BOOK. I seriously fan girl loved this book.
Third - this was a first for two things. It was my first Kindle purchase (Technically the Stand was...but that hardly counts since I was just trying to get it in all formats) and it was also my first experience with a self published author. Amanda Hocking actually published this book through Amazon (and Barns and Nobel). She is amazing. I can't wait for Hallowmen due out in September and you better believe I am there when it uploads! I have already download another of her books, My Blood Approves.

Okay that all being said let me get to this book.
This takes place a year after virus turns most of the population into rage induced Zombies. Not in the walking dead verity, more like rabies with a twist. (which is why I kind of liked it, made it more believable).
Remy is out searching for her little brother, whom she was separated with when their compound was overtaken by zombies. Her and another girl, Harlow and they meet up with Blue and Lazlo and head to another safe compound, in hopes her brother is there and more importantly, alive. This was an amazing book, with a strong female lead, which I loved. The characters are amazing, the story telling is fantastic and I am just so looking forward to devouring everything else Amanda has written. I strongly recommend this book even if you don't go for Zombie fiction.