Saturday, August 6, 2011

Then Came You - Jennifer Weiner #55

This is a beautiful book with really amazing character's. 

In this story - Jules is a senior in Collage when she is approached by a Fertility specialist. He tells her she is perfect candidate for egg donation, at a payout of 20,000. Jules thinks of how much that would help her father that she barley considers what would happen after. 

Annie - is a young mother of two amazing boys. She has married her high school sweetheart. They are struggling financially when she sees an ad for being a segregate mother - the pay out 50,000....thinking of all the amazing things she can do for her family, new jackets, paying off all the bills, she signs up. 

India- works in PR and has completely changed everything about herself. She meets Marcus Croft, who is a very well to do business man, millionaire,  at a Starbucks . She decides that she will marry him and all her dreams will come true. 
When Marcus has a heart attack she decides she better have a baby to make sure she gets the most of his will. Unfortunately she is infertile. Not to be denied she goes with a egg donation and surrogate. Thus, bringing all these women together in a way neither of them ever imagined. 

Its an amazing story, of love, life, friendship, pain, betrayal, and expecting the unexpected. I really enjoyed this story, from the first page to the last. I look forward to reading more of Jennifer's books.

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