Saturday, August 27, 2011

Water wars - Cameron Stracher

"A gripping environmental thriller with a with a too real message" Very true statement, least about the message. Unfortunately I didn't find the book griping. I found the writing boring. Which is unfair, I know, since I can't write. This book had such great promise. It was practically ready made for an awesome story. I just wish it was told by someone else.

In this Vera and Will meet a new kid Kai. Kai is rich, he drives around in a gas powered car, he was things they wish they had, and he has enough to waste. Water. He also has a secret. This secret gets all of them in way over their heads. Its takes Vera, Will and a band of misfits the world forgot to save Kai and his father. I...enjoyed the idea of this book. And I enjoyed some of it, but other parts were just lacking, hard to read. I wouldn't compare it to the hunger games. I would compare it to City of Ember...a nice super easy read...if not a little dull in places.

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