Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Blood Approves - Amanda Hocking

Another Hocking book that I LOVED! I defiantly will be purchasing the rest of the series!

In this - Alice meets Jack, Alice is unsure of her feelings for Jack and Jack is unsure of his feeling for her. All they know is they like spending time with each other. When Alice meets Jack's family they all love her! All except Peter. Peter seems to outwardly loath her entirely. This destroys her for reason she can not fathom. Nor can she reason, why she feels so compelled to be with Peter, when its Jack she has the most fun with.

She soon of course learns that there is more to this family then meets the eye. This has of course the feel of all the other teenage, vampire movies/books out these days. Honestly, I am okay with the Twilight similarities and more often then not the Vampire Diaries similarities. I think the book has enough originality to compensate. There are not that many original ideas out there. So I think when you read a good book, with a popular subject, you will find things that remind you of something else. Its inevitable.

With all that being said. I am eager to read the next three and looking forward to five and six when they are released. Unfortunately I took out a great many books from the library recently and must read those before continuing with the Alice/Jack/Peter triangle.

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