Friday, December 23, 2011

Machine Man - #94

Looks like I am only going to make it to 94 books. Not to shabby though.
Machine man was good. It was in the perspective of a scientist who loses a limb in an accident instead of dealing with the fake leg they give him...he deciders to modify them. It is when he sess how wonderful the robotic leg works that he decides he can't stop there..and so begins the journey to a better body. I enjoyed this book it was written from his perspective but it wasn't to technical. It was very readable.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Destined: A House of Night Novel - P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

I think this is the ninth book. Though I could be wrong. Basically since the last one and someone died and I am still not over it, I just want this series to end. Not to say that I don't enjoy P.C. and Kristin, I do. I also get into each story and enjoy them. But seriously this needs to end. Throw some water on Nefert and get it over with.

In this we find Zoey and the gang dealing with a lot of loss. (not going to mention who). There are a lot of changes going on. For one the red fledglings and Zoey's circle and their warriors are all staying at the depot and after consideration the high counsel decides to step in and purchase the depot to fix into a real house of night school. Nefert and darkness are bent on making chaos and Kolona is playing the tortured daddy. I think what I like most about these books, is the dashes of current events or reference to current pop culture. I enjoy it. It makes it real. In ten years, people will won't get it, but when you read it today, its a fun surprise to see a reference to Harry Potter or Glee.

I again, enjoy the books, but I really hope they are wrapping them up soon.

Hotwire - Alex Kava

This is the ninth Maggie O'Dell novel, but I am sure I have only read three or four, so I don't think you have to read them all to read this book, although I am sure it would help.

In this Maggie is investigating the death of cows when a crime involving teenagers pulls her away. They claim some animal got them, two kids are dead, and one is severely injured. Across the country the CDC and USAIRMID are dealing with an outbreak of salmonella. Its a strain they haven't seen and its effecting only school children. They have days to figure out what is causing it before Monday and more kids get sick.

Pretty fun read...completely mindless. It is what it is. You really can think about doing dishes while reading this book, but Alex has a fun clever dialog and Maggie is a strong female lead.

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Future of Us - Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler

This book was a lot of fun. It takes place in 1997 - Emma gets a new computer and her friend Josh gives her a trail sample of AOL Online. When she logs on the first time she see a website called facebook...and learns of her of her future through photo's and status updates.

It was fun reading this - I figure Emma and Josh would be my age it was fun remembering the experience of getting online the first time, chat rooms, dial up, having to use 'hours' online and not have unlimited access. Then to read them, trying to figure out what certain things mean, that I now take for netflix and glee. It was just an enjoyable book to read, with a good moral - enjoy the life you live now, and don't stress too much about the future.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Next Always - Nora Roberts

Part of a trilogy - not completed.
I swear this woman either sold her soul to the devil or is a vampire. No other way could she bust out the books the way she does. Granted they have the same theme...and are predictable. But each book is joy to read.

Clair is widow with three young boys running a small town bookstore. Having not much time for anything else, romance with a certain Montgomery boy is difficult at best.
She falls in love with his pet project as he falls in love with her boys, the rest as they say is history. I look forward to reading the other three bothers fall in love.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Beyond the Grave - Mara Purnhagen - #91

The conclusion to the Past Midnight series, and this one didn't disappoint. Charlotte thought she had been through everything. Unfortunately the paranormal world wasn't quite done with her. This time, they are focusing on her new boyfriend Noah, who is losing hours and whole days of his time. Charlotte is trying to figure out what is wrong with him, worried about her mother who is still in a coma, planning a wedding, missing her best friend, and adjusting to community college. Each page left you wanting more and it was impossible to put down. I like when a book finishes a strong as it started.

#90 - When she woke - Hillary Jordan

Read. This. Book.

When Hannah Payne wakes up, she is red. Her skin color has been medically changed to show her crime. In a world not to far ahead of ours, people aren't sent to jail for their crimes, not the "mild" ones, instead, they are given an injection and forced to walk around with the label. Hannah - aborted her child. Is forced to walk 16 years as a red for crime. She quickly finds out that being a red is only one of her problems.

I enjoyed this book so much. Its a modern day Scarlet Letter, (really it is), but it really hits home because you can really see something like this taking place in America. A world where crimes are punished by creating outcasts. Chromes. This book angered me, and saddened me, and made me feel happy. I really felt for Hannah through her journey discovering herself, facing her choices, and embracing and uncertain future. We should all be as brave as her.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Birthing House - Christopher Ransom

I had high hopes for this book. It started off okay...strong...but then it just died. The main character was annoying. I kept thinking through the entire book, how sophomoric he was. This got very good reviews from other authors, and editors and the like, about how 'imaginative' and 'scary' it was. Please. Not scary, and really not all that imaginative to be honest. I could put that aside if every other sentence wasn't about how the main character wanted to get laid. (no joke). I read it, I finished it, I wouldn't recommend it unless you get it from the library. Even then, I think you would be better off with another horror writer. All in all...not the best book I have read this yea.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Poison Study - Maria V. Snyder

Warning - Part of a trilogy.

Yelena has been in a prison dungeon awaking death...she murdered a high ranking Generals son. When her number is up she is called into the Commander's office, and given a reprieve. She can either hang, or become the newest food taster (tasting the commanders food for poison) she chooses to live. Unfortunately between being poisoned and needing an antidote every day to keep it in check, she also has quite a few people that want her dead. One of which, is the father of the son she killed.
She raises above all her problems, and beats a lot of odds. By the end of the book, you are of course, waiting for more.

Good thing, is this is one of Maria's first books - and the trilogy is done. :) So enjoy. I am awaiting the next two from the library.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Crossed - Ally Condie

Good sequel to Matched. In this we find Cassia working in work camps, trying to make her way to Ky. We find Ky working as a decoy, when he finds a chance to run, he takes it. They finally meet up and go on the run together to search for the Rebellion. Through out this entire book I just thought, wouldn't it be great if you two could just find a place to be and just be. Cassia spends most of the book second guessing herself, and everyone around her, and Ky has this annoying, your to go for me so I am going to sacrifice my feelings for yours thing going on. I feel like the third book will be good, but I am not waiting with baited breath for it to come out, cause honestly the last two have just been okay. I will, of course, read it.
This isn't to say that Ally's writing isn't good, it is, I just think the story is lacking something. I am not feeling the relationships with the characters.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

One hundred candles - Mara Purnhagen

The second book a trilogy, the first being Past Midnight, the last will is called, Beyond the Grave.

I was kind of not feeling this book, so I opened it with kind of a blah attitude. I loved the first book, but really didn't see where a second one would go. Thankfully, I was not disappointed and whats more, I am looking forward to third.

We find Charlotte in the middle of winter. Things are normal, well as normal as they can be for her. Still no boyfriend, but one handsome Football player is giving her more attention then usual. All in all things are good. Until a stupid New Years part, and stupid game called one hundred candles is played. Then things get weird. She is forced to yet again, dive into the world of the unknown. This time though, it threatens her parents marriage....when when things peek, loved ones play the ultimate sacrifice and things will never quite be the same again.

Fighting To Survive - Rhiannon Frater

The second book in the As the world dies trilogy.
Having finally secured some safety within the a construction site, the survivors of a small Texas town have started to think about taking over the near by hotel. Problem is they know there are zombies in there, they are just unsure how many. Travis, the unofficial fort leader is leery of making more trouble, but knows that they have outgrown the emergency fort they put together in those first few days. With the take over of the hotel looming, and groups going out to find other survivors and supplies, there is enough stress to go around. Unfortunately that isn't their only problem. Bandits are about, taking woman and children, food and supplies from smaller groups, and killing when they don't get their way. Or worse, corralling zombies right to survivors and letting them do their work for them. It seem that there is no way to stop them, and the fort is on high alert while they try an figure out what to do. Its bad enough fighting the undead, having to fight other living humans, is just wrong.

This book explores more character dynamics, you see more relationships build and even some fall apart. You see people coming together and people losing control. Its a great sequel to the first book and makes me excited for Siege which comes out in April.

Monday, November 14, 2011

11/22/63 - Stephen King

What would you do if you could change a major event in history? Take back the World Trade Center perhaps? Stop the Titanic from Sinking? Save a president?

In the latest Stephen King book, Jake Epping is about to get that chance. His friend Al has found a rabbit house, hidden in his storage closet. When he walks through, it is 1958 - when he walks back its two minutes past the time he left in 2011. He has been using the rabbit hole to buy meat at '58 prices so he can sell burgers cheaper then anywhere else. When he starts to really think about what this Rabbit Hole can do. Or more what it can change, he starts to plan on preventing the Kennedy Assassination. Unfortunately, he gets ill so he he recruits Jake to do it.

Jake travels and more importantly, lives back in '58. Always keeping his eye on Lee Harvey Oswald, always watching for some sign that he acted alone, so that he can make his move. But history doesn't want to be changed. And things have to balance. What we get is an unbelievable story, following Jake through the late 50's and early 60's as he tries to rewrite history.

That is what you could read on any review. What they may not tell you is this: What you get by reading this book, is and interesting perspective into the era of late 50's early 60s. Here is the thing, as someone born many years after 50's I have often wondered how nice it would be to live in a time where things were simpler. After reading this, I will no longer think that. I admit, history did nothing for me. But reading about segregation, woman's rights (should I say place), riots, etc, etc. I realize that it wasn't simpler back then. Everything was starting then. And yes, it would be cool to witness and be a part of that, knowing what I know, but to have lived it. It must have been scary. John Kennedy's death was a tragedy, I will always think that. And I think it more now, after reading this book. I also wish I had paid a bit more attention in history class. Then again, I live in 2011 - thank God for the Internet.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Forgotten Garden - Kate Morton

This was a tough book for me to read and finish. It was a challenge, but I am so glad I stuck through it and finished it.

This book follows a family of women and a secrete that was kept for years. Nell finds out on her 21st birthday that she isn't who she thought she was. She is in fact, adopted. Sort of. Her father, Hugh, thought he was doing right by telling her, but he sets into action her undying quest to find out who her real birth parents are, why they gave her up and who she really is.

She dies before she gets these answers and so passes the quest onto her granddaughter, Cassandra. Cassandra follow the clues, to England where she finds the truth, and it is even more of a mystery then she had ever imagined.

While I had a hard time reading and finishing, I really did enjoy this book. It takes place in three different eras through different perspectives. The mystery was woven like one of those nesting dolls. You think you understand, and another part unfolds. had the added bonus of fairy tails told by one of the characters. Which I highly enjoyed.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

'Salem's Lot - Stephen King

Prime example of why it took me so long to really get into his books. I feel like if you start off with this book, or Pet Sematary, you will have a hard time reading King. Or getting into King. Yes. I believe his work got better through the years. Not to say that this was as bad because it wasn't. It was a very good book. Just hard to get into, dragged in some parts and was extremely wordy.

This was book about vampires. But not the cushy, sparkly ones that we have grown to love (or hate) recently. This book was the bad sort. The ones who can't walk in daylight, allergic to garlic, can't stand the sight or feel of anything holy. And they want to over take the town of Jerusalem's lot. And take it over they do. A handful of townsmen try and stop them. As the daylight hours get a fewer and fewer there are less people to and more vampires.
This is very much like Dracula - old Vampire stories and legend. I enjoyed it for what it was, but it really took me way to long to read less the 400 pages. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood. Maybe I am desensitized from horror and vamps. Who knows. Fact is it didn't scare me. I am being to wonder if anything can.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Outside In - Maria Snyder

A wonderful sequel to Outside In. After they over through the Trela family and take control of the ship, things should be perfect right? Of course not, now the controllers are communicating, and they want it. Are they friendly or not? Who to trust on the inside? Who is right? The wrong decision gets people hurt or worse. All the while there are fights and riots breaking out because, even though they took control back and formed a committee, most of the scrubs and uppers don't believe in working together. There is still to much old prejudiced. Just when Trella thinks she can quit, she finds her world needs her more then ever.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Night Shift - Stephen King

As per his usual - Stephen King delivers. That being said, I am not a huge fan of short stories. I like to get involved with the characters and places and short stories don't allow you do that, if anything they make you yearn for more. This was no exception with King's. While I don't like them, he made me want more.

I will do a quick summery of the stories (admittedly I didn't read all of the stories, I know I am awful.)

Jerusalem's Lot - A man inherits a house that the locals considered cursed. Him and his man soon find out that they noises in the walls aren't rats, and something very sinister happened in the neighboring town, that was left deserted some time ago.

Graveyard Shift - When a group of workers is asked to work overtime cleaning out a basement, they get more then they bargained for. A huge colony of rats has over taken the sub-ground levels, unfortunately, that is the least of their problems. (Pretty sure this got turned into a movie)

Night Surf - A group of teenagers are the last survivors of a plague called Captain Trips. (setting us up for The Stand) 

I am the doorway - A man has a problem with some space parasite taking over his body.

The Mangler - When an industrial laundry machine gets a taste for blood, its up to a police officer and his friend to try and cast out the evil spirit.

Gray Matter - A man turns into a gray glob after drinking bad beer.

Trucks - All the trucks have come alive, and they want us to serve them (Setting for Maximum Overdrive)

Sometimes they come back - A teacher who had a very tragic incident involving a local gang and his brother happen to him, tries to put it behind him. New job, new students. Except, there are some new faces, problem is...they should be his age, not in high school and more over...they should be dead. - Setting for Sometimes they come back  - movie

Children of the Corn - A couple trying to fix their marriage go on a road trip (Side jaunt DUMB IDEA!), and they end up lost in a small town in Nebraska. There they find not adults, but children, none over 19, have been running things, or something more sinister has been running them. - Setting for Children of the Corn movie. 

One for the road - Man comes to a bar saying him and his family got stuck and need help. They got stuck in Jerusalem's Lot. The locals know that this is a cursed place and loath to go there, but they must help this man. Sure enough when they get there, the creatures are waiting. - Setting for Salem's Lot (book and movie I would imagine.)

All in all a great bunch of stories (and there were more I didn't read). Its amazing that with some of these full length movies were made. Stephen King can condense his thoughts and ideas and get to the point, but personally, I like it when he rambles.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Inside Out

This book was creative. Trella - a scrub - works cleaning the pipes. Her and hundreds like her, live each day to keep the compound clean. They work in ten hour shifts, life is measure in hours and weeks. She is a loner, by choice and her one true friend is a boy named Cog.

She helps Cog hide the Broken Man, who preaches about a gateway and gets herself deep into a mystery and an unlikely rebellion.

With the help of some uppers (the people who 'run' the compound) she and her fellow scrubs start taking control of their lives, and looking for the gateway. What waits outside the pipes and walls?

This is a first book. The second one is called Outside IN...and thankfully is out. Its the next book I am reading. I found this to be interesting. A very easy read, but I liked it.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bag of Bones - Steven King

Only Stephen King. Seriously I feel that is all the review necessary. Only Stephen King.
If one hasn't read a single story by him then its hard to understand. I too, when I started reading him, found him wordy...dragging sometimes. We get it, he dug a grave. We don't need to know how hard, cold, musty the dirt was. But we do. Oh yes. We do. Stephen King has a way of making the simplest phrases stick in your mind...forever. And take a whole knew meaning. You might be walking along, looking through a window and see a pretty soap stone statue and say "Hey this would look good in my living room next to that picture of Aunt Martha." And then, somewhere in the back of your mind, where his words live you hear "that's my dust catcher."  And that is when you decide that you don't need another dust catcher anyway. And continue walking.
He makes bathrooms places of misery, flying kites tragedies, proms scary, dogs evil, sewer drains terrifying and God help you in the woods. The something about Stephen King is if you can read through his books, then you are no longer reading his books. You are living them. They become a part of you and his nightmare's become yours. His characters and places take hold of you like no other. Perhaps, its because I lived in Maine, so I am familiar with the places he speaks of. I can easily see a Maine woods, or a Maine lake. When he mentions real towns, I have been through them. But honestly, I felt the same way in The Stand, and I have never been to Nebraska, or Colorado. Its his descriptions. Its him, telling us for four pages how the grave looked and smelled and felt. For an entire chapter describing the very essences of the dark man. If it wasn't for that, then his books wouldn't catch us the way they do.

Bag of Bones is seriously no different. In this book Mike Noonan is trying to get over the loss of his wife and decides to go back to their summer home in TR-90...Sara Laughs. Here he gets in the middle of a legal battle with Mattie and her three year old daughter Kyra and Kyra's grandfather. But something else is happening, something other worldly. His feelings for Kyra and Mattie intensify just as he starts to really understand the history and truth that haunts TR-90 and Sara Laughs.

A great book by Mr. King. I am not going to tell you that now I am going to run out and read them all. Because I am not. Some of his stories have not pull for me. The darktower series for one. I just can't seem to get into it. Maybe someday. Salem's Lot I might try though. I enjoy getting pulled into his world...into his mind. I look forward to another journey with him.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Divine Evil - Nora Roberts

I had read this book before. I knew it almost after the first chapter. Still it was a fun re-read.
A small town has a dark secret...a group of men practice devil worship. For years the practice in the background. But things get out of hand. A runaway goes missing, one of their own dies, the new sheriff is asking too many questions. Artist Clare Kimball comes back to town to answer a few questions from her past. What she uncovers is far worse then anything she ever dreamed.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Ransom My Heart - Meg Cabot

Okay so this book is exactly what it sounds like. A cheesy romance novel. Thankfully though, not too bad. It had a plot which was actually really intriguing.

Set back in the 1200's Finn isn't like other girls. Where they wait for husbands and children, she hunts and fishes. When one of her sisters asks for help she goes to find a man to ransom for money. When she comes across Huge Fitzstephen, an Earl all she sees is the fat coin purse he is waving around. He lets her believe he is a knight and allows her to "capture" him. During their travel back to her village, they fall into lust. He decides he is to marry her, unbeknownst to her. When she finds out he is in fact and Earl and not a knight, and soon to be her husband, she is beside herself. She has already been down this road, and doesn't want to go down again.

But all that is just the beginning, for in the Earl's absents, his cousin has ruled and not kindly. Nor does he want to give up the manor.

Its hard reading period pieces because they use words we don't use. But more, because men and woman's rolls were so much different back then. It was okay for a husband to hit his wife. And that, to me, is just despicable, so when I read about even the threat of a man hitting a woman I just cringe. I have to remind myself that it was a different time, different era. Still I enjoyed this book very much.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The first days - Rhiannon Frater

I didn't think I would like this book. I love the idea of zombie's but I rarely find zombie books or movies that I actually like. Odd I know. Having said that, I enjoyed this book. A lot. I love the character's, I love the setting, I love the dialog and I loved the zombies.
In this Kate and Jenni find each other during the first few hours of a zombie outbreak. Fighting their way through the cities and small towns - the finally make a stand in a small Texas town with about a hundred other survivors. Now they try to make a little home while zombie hoard keeps moving in.

I can't wait to read the next books!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

HIgh Noon - Nora Roberts

Another fun book by Nora Roberts. This book was all the lines of Angel Falls and the like, with a killer in the midst and not knowing who or why. Phoebe MacNamara is negotiator with the Savanna PD. She has a beautiful seven year old daughter, an agoraphobic mother and a past that still haunts her, but has made her what she is today. Her life is plenty full. Full enough that the pursuits of one Duncan Smith don't seem worth her time. Of course, this changes. This is a good book, filled with suspense, romance and humor.

On a personal note, wouldn't it be nice if romance writers wrote the lead character plain. Or even...with some deformity? It gets kind of...tiring to always read of the hot, sexy insert coolest career ever, who meets hot sexy insert loner boy career here. For once I'd like to read of a school teacher who never had a date, who gets swept off her feet by waste management guy. Just saying.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Angels Fall - Nora Roberts

I enjoyed this book enough to rent the dvd based on the book. Although I am sure it won't be nearly as good.

In this, Reese a top chef in Boston witness a shooting and almost dies herself. After recovering she flees Boston, always moving, always running. Her car breaks down in a small town called Angel's fist. (dumbest name ever by the way). There she takes a job being a short order cook at the local diner and starts to think about settling down. Then she witness a murder and it seems the only person who believes her is Brody, a fiction writer. Mysterious things start happening, making Reese think she has slipped mentally. Its up to her and Brody to get to the bottom of who is behind this and find out who the murder is and if the two are connected.

This honestly left me guess till the second it was revealed, which to me is the BEST. I hate knowing how a book is going to end. Nora has a usual writing style, which obviously I like. I do find that I need to take a break from here after a few books because...well it gets a old, guy meets girl, they have awesome sex, they fall in love. For some reason I am on kick, and she has written over 150 books. So it gives me stuff to read. They may not be literary greatness, but they are compelling, engaging reads. I do enjoy them. And this one was no exception.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

What the night knows - Dean Koontz

I enjoy a good Dean Koontz novel and this one was no exception .
Set somewhere in the US, a man who dealt with horrific events in his past that left him scared is trying to live a normal happy life with his wife, son and two daughters. All that changes when a murder investigation is eerily like one from some many years past. Now he has to come to terms with not a copy cat killer, but in fact something much more sinister. Now he is racing the calendar to find some way to protect his family from the same fate his parents and sisters were dealt all those years ago.

This was a great read, highly enjoyable...not scary.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Red Lily - Nora Roberts

Book three of the Garden Trilogy

In this third and final book we start finding answers to the Harper Bride. Who she is and why she haunts the Harper house. We also find Hayley and Harper finally noticing each other noticing each other. Its a cute dance they play right up till Hayley gets a big surprise. Things are complicated enough, with out the ghost taking residence inside Hayley. Together they race to uncover the truth of what happened all those years ago.

Black Rose - Nora Roberts

Book two in the Garden Trilogy.

In this we continue where we left off in Blue Delila - focusing on Rosaline Harper. She has raised three fantastic boys, had two marriages, one wonderful one not so wonderful. She has a beautiful garden center she built from the ground up and has recently acquired two new best friends. Life is content and happy for her. Enter Mitch. He is helping with the family history, ghost hunting they have found themselves in. Mitch and Roz go back and forth finally just forward. But, the resident ghost has another idea in mind.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blue Dahlia - Nora Roberts

I enjoyed this. I have a black thumb, everything I even dream of planting dies before I get it home. That being said, I envy and love a beautiful garden. Especially ones that don't look like they are landscaped to perfection. So with all the terms and descriptions of gardens and flowers and soil, I could practically smell the manure, I loved this. I also loved the dynamics between the three main woman, Stella, Roz and Hailey and of course the three men who they will each fall for (it is a trilogy) this one is Stella's and Logan the sexy landscaper is hers. She has two sons from a previous marriage and is scared to fall in love, but he isn't. Its a great story of love after tragedy. I can't wait to start on the next two.

Birthright - Nora Roberts

As an archaeologist, Callie Dunbrook knows a lot about the past. But her own past is about to be called into question. Recruited for her expertise on the Antietam Creek dig, she encounters danger - as a cloud of death and misfortune hangs over the project, and rumors fly that the site is cursed. She finds a passion that feels equally dangerous, as she joins forces in her work with her irritating, but irresistible, ex-husband, Jake. And when a strange woman approaches her, claiming to know a secret about Callie's privileged Boston childhood, some startling and unsettling questions are raised about her very identity.

Searching for answers, trying to rebuild, Callie finds that there are deceptions and sorrows that refuse to stay buried. And as she struggles to put the pieces back together, she discovers that the healing process comes with consequences - and that there are people who will do anything to make sure the truth is never revealed.- Product description. 

I enjoy Nora Roberts - as I believe I have said before in this blog. Her books are often predictable, but there is always something new to explore with her. Whether you are jumping into a brush fire, running a winery, or digging up bones. I think that is why I enjoy reading her, even if the books having the same sappy happy endings. Because Nora writes from the heart, and if she doesn't personally know the subject matter, she makes sure she does when she sets out to right the story. I admire that.

This book was about and archaeologist who is fighting three battles. One she is trying to find dig up a settlement that is over 5,000 years old, and the locals are not so accommodating. She is trying to figure out who she really is after some difficult family questions come to surface and she is working with her ex-husband who tore her heart in two and stomped on it for good measure. Its a turn pager to see which one of the battles wear her down.

It was and enjoyable book!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Insatiable - Meg Cabot

This was a fun book. And it had a few twists that I really enjoyed.
Meena is a writer for a soap opera called Insatiable and their rating are suffering because of another station has a soap called Lust and they have...Vampires. Meena wants nothing to do with them. She hates them and the whole culture. She thinks Society has gone vampire crazy.

But when she meets a Prince, the perfect guy, well lets just say he has a very dark secrete. Like being the Prince of Darkness. Now it seems she can't get away from from vampires. The real liver er dead ones anyway.

Very enjoyable book, it took awhile to get into/read, but once I was in I was hooked. She is an enjoyable writer!

Elsewhere - Gabrielle Zevin

This book was okay. I was too impressed but it wasn't awful either. In this Liz dies in a traffic accident. When she gets to Elsewhere she has a hard time adjusting. She wants to go back to her old life. When she learns that everyone in Elsewhere is actually aging backward (from the time of death to newborn) and then is reborn on Earth, she actually gets sadder. She will never see 16, never get her drivers license, never get married. 
In away its a book on maturing. As I said, I didn't hate it but I am not running out to find other books by the author either. 


Sunday, September 4, 2011

What happened to goodbye - Sarah Dessen

I enjoy all Sarah Dessen books, and this one was no expeption.

Mclean Sweet has started over, a lot. She is pretty use to being the new kid and always finds herself reinventing herself. A drama queen, a cheerleader, an all around volunteer. In Jackson, she has a hard time figuring out who she wants to be. Before she can decide it is chosen for her. She will be...herself. In doing such, she makes friends for the first time. People she actually cares about. Making it so much harder, to say goodbye.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Impossiable - Nancy Werlin

I had hard time putting this book down. 
This is the story of Lucy who comes from a long lined of cursed women. Each one has gotten pregnant before 18, and then goes mad shortly after the birth of their daughters. Lucy knows nothing of the curse, just that her real mother is crazy. When she gets raped on Prom night, he whole world comes crashing down. 

Thankfully she has wonderful loving foster parents, and a very loving family friend, Zach to help her get through everything. The only problem is, to break the curse she must first perform three seemingly impossible tasks. Can she do it before she delivers? 

The story is based (inspired) but the old folk song Scarborough Fair. I think it was very imaginative and wonderfully written.

Fly Away Home - Jennifer Weiner

I really enjoyed this book! I think its a must read for anyone who enjoys a really long conversation with a good friend.

This book follows three women, from the same family, but all on much different paths. Sylvia - is watching her 30 odd year marriage fall apart in the midst of a scandal.
Diane - is a busy ER Doctor who is finds herself in a very unhappy marriage, and Lizzy is just getting out of rehab for the last time. All three women are trying to figure out, just where they want their lives to go. It seems when one door closes, another opens and for them, the hardest part is having the courage to step through.

This is an amazing book of love, trust, family and life. I think everyone can probably relate to at least one of the characters.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Water wars - Cameron Stracher

"A gripping environmental thriller with a with a too real message" Very true statement, least about the message. Unfortunately I didn't find the book griping. I found the writing boring. Which is unfair, I know, since I can't write. This book had such great promise. It was practically ready made for an awesome story. I just wish it was told by someone else.

In this Vera and Will meet a new kid Kai. Kai is rich, he drives around in a gas powered car, he was things they wish they had, and he has enough to waste. Water. He also has a secret. This secret gets all of them in way over their heads. Its takes Vera, Will and a band of misfits the world forgot to save Kai and his father. I...enjoyed the idea of this book. And I enjoyed some of it, but other parts were just lacking, hard to read. I wouldn't compare it to the hunger games. I would compare it to City of Ember...a nice super easy read...if not a little dull in places.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In her Shoes - Jennifer Weiner

Another really enjoyable book by Jennifer.
Rose and Maggie are as different as night and day, yet they do have one thing in common. Their DNA. Rose is practical, bookish and serious. Maggie, is thinks only of herself and her looks, is selfish and has a learning disorder that she has used to keep herself back her whole life.

When they get into the biggest fight of their lives they find out more about themselves then they ever had, and learn that by having a few of your sisters better traits really is a good thing.

Before I go to Sleep - S.J. Watson

This book was good. I spent most of the book wondering what they amazing twist would be. It really wasn't what I was expecting so that is always enjoyable.

Christina wakes up every morning with absoltly no memory. She thinks she is in her twenty's when in fact she is in her mid forties. Everyone morning when she looks in the mirror she finds a shock and has to be told, again, who she is, that she is married, and that she lost her memory due to an accident some twenty years prior.

Dr. Nash, who is doing clincial studies on the brain, has been helping her in secrete to recover her lost memories. He believe she can be cured. But are the memories worth retrieving?

This book keeps you guessing right up to the last page.

Forgotten - Cat Patrick

I enjoyed this book. It was a really good read.

London has a condition where when she goes to bed her memory gets 'erased'. The next day she reads notes from herself, and has 'memories' of the future. This has been okay for her until she meets Luke. She likes Luke a lot but try as she might, she can't remember him. Meaning, he has no place in her future. The more she tries to figure out why she can't see him in her future, the more her past comes back to haunt her.

As I said I quite enjoyed this book. It made me thankful to have a semi-working memory.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Enclave - Ann Aguirre 57

I think I found another author on my must devour every book they have ever written list. Awesome. Thankfully, this book did not have a squeal and for that I am grateful. I can't even begin to keep up with all the books that do.

In this after some unknown tragedy wipes out most of the population the people who live underground have never seen topside. They know its there, but they know its dangerous and that is all they need to know. Deuce is part of the Collage Enclave. Their nearest traders are Nassau, a three day hike. They are broken into three groups, and each on their fifteenth birthday, are put into one. Breeder's, Hunter's and Builder's. Deuce is a Huntress, and that is all she has ever wanted. When she gets paired up with the strange boy they found a few years back, Fade, she thinks its a test of her strength. Soon though, she begins to trust Fade more then the elders. When there is rumors of problems at the other Enclave Fade and Deuce are chosen to check it out. What they bring back is horrors that the Enclave isn't ready to deal with.

This is a gripping novel from page one. I spent most of the time wondering what happen to humanity. We get bits and pieces but nothing real concrete. For some reason this bugged me. I like the characters and really enjoyed the ending. So all in all a good read. I am looking forward to checking out more of her books in the future.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Then Came You - Jennifer Weiner #55

This is a beautiful book with really amazing character's. 

In this story - Jules is a senior in Collage when she is approached by a Fertility specialist. He tells her she is perfect candidate for egg donation, at a payout of 20,000. Jules thinks of how much that would help her father that she barley considers what would happen after. 

Annie - is a young mother of two amazing boys. She has married her high school sweetheart. They are struggling financially when she sees an ad for being a segregate mother - the pay out 50,000....thinking of all the amazing things she can do for her family, new jackets, paying off all the bills, she signs up. 

India- works in PR and has completely changed everything about herself. She meets Marcus Croft, who is a very well to do business man, millionaire,  at a Starbucks . She decides that she will marry him and all her dreams will come true. 
When Marcus has a heart attack she decides she better have a baby to make sure she gets the most of his will. Unfortunately she is infertile. Not to be denied she goes with a egg donation and surrogate. Thus, bringing all these women together in a way neither of them ever imagined. 

Its an amazing story, of love, life, friendship, pain, betrayal, and expecting the unexpected. I really enjoyed this story, from the first page to the last. I look forward to reading more of Jennifer's books.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Blood Approves - Amanda Hocking

Another Hocking book that I LOVED! I defiantly will be purchasing the rest of the series!

In this - Alice meets Jack, Alice is unsure of her feelings for Jack and Jack is unsure of his feeling for her. All they know is they like spending time with each other. When Alice meets Jack's family they all love her! All except Peter. Peter seems to outwardly loath her entirely. This destroys her for reason she can not fathom. Nor can she reason, why she feels so compelled to be with Peter, when its Jack she has the most fun with.

She soon of course learns that there is more to this family then meets the eye. This has of course the feel of all the other teenage, vampire movies/books out these days. Honestly, I am okay with the Twilight similarities and more often then not the Vampire Diaries similarities. I think the book has enough originality to compensate. There are not that many original ideas out there. So I think when you read a good book, with a popular subject, you will find things that remind you of something else. Its inevitable.

With all that being said. I am eager to read the next three and looking forward to five and six when they are released. Unfortunately I took out a great many books from the library recently and must read those before continuing with the Alice/Jack/Peter triangle.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Hallowland - Amanda Hocking

First of all - Its a series - I knew that going in but it still sucked on the last page. Second, and most importantly. I LOVED THIS BOOK. I seriously fan girl loved this book.
Third - this was a first for two things. It was my first Kindle purchase (Technically the Stand was...but that hardly counts since I was just trying to get it in all formats) and it was also my first experience with a self published author. Amanda Hocking actually published this book through Amazon (and Barns and Nobel). She is amazing. I can't wait for Hallowmen due out in September and you better believe I am there when it uploads! I have already download another of her books, My Blood Approves.

Okay that all being said let me get to this book.
This takes place a year after virus turns most of the population into rage induced Zombies. Not in the walking dead verity, more like rabies with a twist. (which is why I kind of liked it, made it more believable).
Remy is out searching for her little brother, whom she was separated with when their compound was overtaken by zombies. Her and another girl, Harlow and they meet up with Blue and Lazlo and head to another safe compound, in hopes her brother is there and more importantly, alive. This was an amazing book, with a strong female lead, which I loved. The characters are amazing, the story telling is fantastic and I am just so looking forward to devouring everything else Amanda has written. I strongly recommend this book even if you don't go for Zombie fiction.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Across The Universe - Beth Revis #53

Warning: Part of a Trilogy - not sure when the second and third one are due out.

With that being said at least it doesn't end in the middle of a sentence, so thank you Beth. It does leave a lot of questions...but at first, I thought this was for the reader to speculate on...not to be answered at some future time with more books. Moving along.

This book...roughly three hundred years ago a group of people are frozen in cryo tanks, put on a ship and set off into space. They are told that they will awaken in 300 years on a new planet that NASA has found suitable for human life. Amy is on board with her parents who are scientists/military personal.

A few hundred years into the voyage, Amy is accidentally woken up. She is told, fifty years earlier then expected. Her parents, still lay frozen and when they awaken, she will be older then them, if not dead already. She is trying to find out who woke her up, and who is continuing to unthaw the others. She is making friends, and trying to figure out what is wrong with most of the people on the ship. All the while, trying to deal with 'Earth' memories which still feel like they happened days ago instead of hundreds of years.

Elder is the next leader of the ship. Eldest is teaching him they ways, but Elder is having a hard time following, especially after her meets Amy. She is unlike anyone he has ever seen and he knows that she will change everything. Eldest knows it too, and tries to quiet Amy any way he can, in order to keep peace on his ship.

This story is one of lies, built on more lies. It goes so much deeper then you think while reading it. You get to the point in the book where you don't even trust what you are reading. Nothing seems far fetched, and everyone seems like the bad guy.

It took me awhile to get into this book, but once I got into it I was hooked. I look forward to reading the second and third one, though I would have been happier with a thousand page book, but alas what are you going to do?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bumped - Megan McCafferty

First off let me warn you there will be a sequel...

I liked and I didn't like this book. I enjoyed McCarfferty's writing style. I even enjoyed the idea, a Virus that makes people over a certain again infertile would be pretty grim. However, I had a hard time reading this for many reasons. The first, and most important reason probably, because I have huge issues with teen pregnancy. Huge. So the whole time I am not only reading about girls who are as young as 13 pregnant, but who are doing it for profit. Teenagers having sex just to get pregnant. It was a hard concept to read. By the end of the book though, I was so wrapped up in it, that I didn't...notice as much.

This book is about two sisters, identical twins, who were separated at birth. One, Harmony, grows up in Goodside, where they still have God. It's kind of like an Amish community. Very close knit and very religious.
The other, Melody, grows up on the Otherside and knows since she was little, that it is her destiny to bred, and bred well. To the highest bidder. Her foster parents have done everything to make sure she is perfect.

When the two sisters meet, everything they both planned for falls apart. Now they have to decide which future they want, which one is right, and what it truly means to be family.

This was a great book, like I said. Once you get over the teen pregnancy it becomes an easy read. I look forward to the next one...which is rumored (from McCafferty's page) to be called Thumped and is hopefully due out Spring 2012!

Also she has a series called the Jessica Darling Series, first one in the serious is called Sloppy Firsts. I may check it out...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Before I fall - Lauren Oliver

This is the second book I have read by Lauren Oliver and once again I was not disappointed.

This story starts with the death of Samantha. The book continues while Samantha is forced to relive the day she died for a week.
I will admit, I hated Samantha at first. I wasn't at all sad that she died. In the beginning she was wretched little brat. One of those girls I hated in high school and still can't stand today.

By then end of the book though, is another story. This book is a lot like Groundhogs Day with Bill Murry. (she even mentions it). Every day she wakes up, and is February 12th all over again. The same classes, same party, same drama, same death. By the end of the week, she starts to learn and finally understand, he life, her death and the meaning of it all.

This was a wonderful, heart wrenching book. I think Lauren has a fantastic talent to pull you in and keep you enthralled right up to the last page and beyond. Her characters and stories stay with you, long after you have you put the book away.

I would defiantly recommend this book to anyone who likes a good fiction novel. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Passion - Lauren Kate

Book three of the fallen series. So if you haven't read the first two...bugger off till you do then come back.

In this Luce has jumped through an Announcer to travel back through her past lives. She is searching for a reason Daniel loves her, why she loves him. And is there a way to break the curse for good? 

Along the way she travels to some interesting times in human history. Becoming a Princess and a slave and everything in between. The only constant is Daniel and their love for each other.

I actually was at first bored and the quickly warmed up to this book. I think I was bored because I got so angry at the pair of them. Him for not being honest about...well everything...Angel's are so secretive. And her of course, for running off. But it was interesting to read about her past lives. I did enjoy that. I look forward to the fourth and final one, Rapture which is rumored for Spring 2012.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

2030 - The real story of what happens to America - Albert Brooks

2030...doesn't seem that far away anymore. Albert Brooks is better known for his acting, he was in Finding Nemo as Marlin and played in Weeds as Lenny. While I think he did a fantastic job as Marlin, and I never knew him in other roles, I must say he makes one heck of an author.

I found that he wrights much like the late Micheal Crichton. It has the same feel when you are reading his book, as Crichton's do. Of course, I loved Crichton's work so enjoyed Brooks from page one.

This books tells of a story that is completely believable if not a damn near prediction to what may come. In the year 2030 we have cured cancer. People are living longer then ever imagined and living well thanks to all kinds of new longevity drugs on the market. This angers the young kids who are watching their parents struggle, and their grandparent reap the benefits. The kids know that they will never be able to have it as good as the 'olds' and something needs to be done about that.

To make matters worse, the worst natural disaster in history hits California. A 9.1 earthquake and a few 8.9 8.0 aftershocks level LA. Thousands of people injured, homeless, sick. Hundreds dead. The big problem comes when they learn that the country has no means to put it right.

As the nation loses hope, and new deals are made, a more silent war is being fought over the rights of the younger generation, and the rights of the ones 'living beyond their years'.

This is a fantastic book, filled with dark humor and thought provoking ideas.

*As an addendum - I just want to say - Crichton writes medical/political type books. Brooks' book is defiantly a little political and obviously touches on medical issues, but not even close to what Crichton wrote about. I compare their writing styles only. Not subject matter.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Silent Girl - Tess Gerritsten

I lost count of which Rizzoli and Isles book this is...ten maybe? Anyway, this one does not disappoint.

If you don't know Jane Rizzoli and Isles - then start with The Surgeon, this is where you will first meet Rizzoli - a tough Homicide Detective from Boston. You meet Maura Isles later in the series. Although, I wouldn't consider them a 'team' as the new TV show makes them out to be. They certainly work together to fight crime, one being the detective and the other a medical examiner. There isn't, however, girl bonding and shoe sharing. Anyway, that being said moving on to the book.

IN this we find Jane in the middle of a strange homicide in Boston's Chinatown. At first, the only mystery is the woman, who had a severed hand and almost severed head, and who wanted her dead. Then things get weird. Are they chasing a person or some mythical Chinese legend. One thing is for sure, its a case that isn't easily solved and requires the Boston detective team to look in places they never thought to look.

I enjoyed this, as I do all Gerritsten's books. She has a medical degree, so there is rich detail when she describes anything with the human body. She also does her research. At then end of her books you see countless people she thanks for their advice and knowledge. You can tell she really puts everything into a book, every page you turn because the detail is there. You feel like you a right there with Jane, looking at clues and wondering who done it.

I would recommend, of course, reading all the books from the beginning, but with her books, you don't need to. Its just nice to have the extra background. Then you feel like, one of the guys...or girls.

* The Surgeon - Introduces Jane Rizzoli 
* The Apprentice - Introduces Dr. Maura Isles 
* The Sinner
* Body Double
* Vanish
* The Mephisto Club 
* The Bone Garden
* The Keepsake 
* Ice Cold
* The Silent Girl

Crescendo - Becca Fitzpatrick

The sequel to Hush, Hush. Honestly I didn't think there was a need at the end of, Hush, Hush for a sequel, this book, however, defiantly made me want the third.

In this book, after saving Nora's life, Patch becomes a guardian angel, her guardian angel in fact. Things seem like pretty close to perfect. Its summer, Nora's biggest plans involve hanging out with her best friend and of course, he boyfriends/angel Patch. All this goes awry when Patch decides to start spending time with her Nemesis since grade school, Marci. It is one thing to be replaced, its a whole other thing to be replaced by the one person you truly don't like. To make matters worse, if that we possible, Nora feels like she is slowly losing her mind as well. She keeps "seeing" and "hearing" her father. Making her question his death. Was it really a random shooting? Or was it something more? Add to that, an old childhood friend named Scott comes back into town bringing with him his own secretes and mysteries.

I thought this book was better then the first one, it defiantly had a faster pace and more meat. I am looking forward to, Silence, which comes out in October. Although, to be honest...kind of getting sick of the squeals.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hereafter - Tara Hudson

I enjoyed this book with out really know why. Hudson is a great story teller. I found myself turning and turning each page, never wanting the book to end and when it did, I found myself not disappointed but happy. I enjoyed the ending. Not many books do that for me. I enjoyed the story and was caught up in it, and I liked the ending. 

In this, Amelia is wandering around after her death. She can't remember much of her life, just her name and some small bits and pieces. Then she meets Joshua, when is drowning. She helps save his life, and from then on he can see her. They start this forbidden friendship that is in jeopardy on both ends. 

Its kind of a Romeo/Juliet except, in this story one of them is already dead. Again, I enjoyed it, even if I can't give a good reason why. Its a quick, enjoyable read that stays with you after you turn the last page.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Harry Potter Series - J.K. Rowling

I know I wrote in a previous blog about this series and how everyone should read it. However, since I have just re-read them again in their entirety, I feel like I needed to make a post about it. I shall, sum each book and my thoughts. In the interest of not boring the reader or myself, I will try and brief.

Harry Potter and the Sorceress Stone  - 
In this first installment we meet Harry Potter and learn of his mysterious beginnings and  the strange truth about who he is. He goes from being an 'ordinary' boy to a wizard over night. He goes from friendless to meeting some of the best friends anyone could ever hope for. He goes from not knowing his parents, to learning of their heroics. Its a startling beginning to a wonderful, enriching series. 

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - 
This book brings with it more adventure, more lies and more truth. Harry and his friends must uncover who or what is behind all the strange things going on in Hogwarts, or someone they love will get blamed for and maybe even, the only place that Harry has ever truly felt home, will close for good. 

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - 
In this story Harry meets on of the most important people he will meet in their series. He learns more of his fathers amazing past, learns to fight his fears, and save a few lives in the process. He learns that who he thought was enemy is friend and who he thought was friend is foe.

Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire - 
The four book, while not on of my favorites, is  one of the most important. The thing that must never happen, happens. Also this book marks the first death. Perhaps one of the hardest, since we went four years with out one. Harry faces more tasks, more fears, more challenges, with the help from friends. He enters the final task of the triwizard tournament with ideas of wining, he exits, with terrible news and fallen friend. 

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - 
Voldermont has arisen, he has grand plans of over taking the wizarding world, killing Harry Potter, and finally ruling over all muggles. But first he needs something, something he didn't have before. He will stop at nothing to retrieve it. Unfortunately, Harry now is linked to Voldy through his scar. He dreams of hallways and doors. He is frustrated that no one will let him fight, he is angry that the ministry doesn't believe him. His temper and his defiance get him into much trouble over the course of the year, but nothing prepares him for the final battle and the loss of another friend. 

Harry Potter and the half blood prince - 
Before I start the analyse, I actually threw this book across the room the first time I read it. Not believing what I was reading. That being said. 
This book finds Harry alone, scared. Finally the wizarding world knows Voldy is back, but at what cost? He feels angry, depressed, guilty. Still there is still fight in him, and because of that he purses his ambitions of being coming an Auror. He also gets special lessons from Dumbledore and digs so much deeper into the history and man known as Tom Riddle. Knowledge that will hopefully help destroy him. 

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - 
The seventh and final installment of Harry Potter, here it all ends. This book is by far the darkest. There are deaths in this book that I couldn't believe. It seem to me that J.K was just finishing off anyone she could. It was hard to read. People you have grown to know through seven books, just dying. All of them senseless. The final battle is fought, as perhaps it was always meant to be fought, at Hogwarts. Here Harry and everyone else make their final stand against evil. 

To say that this is a good series is an understatement. I have said it before and I will say it again. This is a phenomenal series, woven in such rich detail, by a masterful storyteller. Any child say ten or over that is struggling with wanting to read should pick this up. I feel this is a 'gateway' book to other books. It is so wonderful to escape into his world. To live through him, and his friends. I remember reading it the first time and so wishing that something like this did exist. Imagine a world of magic, living right along side us. What an amazing thought. (and I still haven't lost hope that there isn't) I think everyone should read this. I don't think it should be banned (as I know it is in some schools) I don't think any book should be banned but that is another post. 
Enjoy Harry, let him into your life and heart. You won't be disappointed  

Monday, June 20, 2011

Robopocalypse: A Novel - Daniel H. Wilson

This book was interesting to say the least.
I was expecting more from it.
The writing was good. The plot was interesting. I enjoyed the lay out. I think (there are rumors that Spielberg picked up the movie rights), and I think it will make a great movie, especially done by Spielberg.

This is written as log by one of the survivors. He ends up finding the brain computer and the computer shows him all the images of before, during and after the war. You have key characters through out the book, and you see how their lives, no matter how far apart they are, intertwine. You see, how each person, not matter who or what they were before, have the ability to become hero's. And, I enjoyed that it wasn't too far fetched. This is something that seems very plausible.

I would recommend it for people who like robots, who like apocalyptic books. Other then that, I wouldn't run out to read it. It wasn't that it was bad, it just didn't keep my attention.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hush, Hush - Becca Fitzpatrick

I didn't want to like this book. Two reasons, A) I knew it was part of a series and B) I am trying to read more "adult books". But hey, I have a weakness and its Young Adult fiction. So be it.

This book has a lot of the same underling themes that a lot of young adult fantasy novels have. Girl meets boy, boy ends up being...not quite human, girl and boy must fight evil, and their ever growing attraction for each other. The End.

Except that as always you fall for the characters and get wrapped up in their world. Nora is an average high school student who spends most of her time studying or with her friend Vee. When the Biology teacher decides to shake things up a bit and rearrange the seating chart, Nora gets paired with Patch. A transfer student who hasn't said boo to anyone. Between her growing attracting, and her underlying fear of him, she tries to find out everything she can. Unfortunately, his past is mystery and he has a hard time answering questions. Of course, there is the dark stranger hell bent on killing her...or driving her crazy. Is the stranger Patch? Or something more sinister.

I enjoyed this book, I am kind of looking forward to the sequel even though I didn't see a need for one. I think now that we have gotten over the wizards and the vampires, fallen angels might be the next "thing".

Enjoy Hush, Hush for what it is...a good fun read.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Chasing Fire - Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts' books have the same underlying theme. Strong willed, independent, doesn't need anyone girl meets, strong, independent, doesn't need anyone boy and they fall in love.  Its completely predictable. So, why read her. 
Because that is where the similarities in her books stops. Her strong woman usual have unusual jobs, talents, friends, etc. So that you are forced into a life that you don't have any knowledge of. Its amazing to me that she has written over 190 books, just under her own name. She also write as J.D. Robb. 

Now onto Chasing Fire. In this book Rowan is a fire jumper - and that pretty much is what it sounds like. She jumps into forest fires to wage the war of putting them out. Her father, Iron Man, did it for years before her, and now its her era. A new bunch of rookies arrives in the Spring and one of them, Gulliver has the hots for Rowan. They, of course, start and affair in which neither of them is sure will last. During all this, they fight fires and have the not so fun pleasure of dealing with someone trying to sabotage their operation.

I will tell you what this book did, it made me re-think forest fires. Yes I enjoyed the writing and characters and everything but at the end of the book, what it really came down to was it made me re-think forest fires. You see them on the news all the time it seems. Raging, destroying everything they touch. You see it, but Nora made you feel what its like being in it. Sweating, burning, choking, bleeding in it. There are real men and woman fighting those fires. Real men and woman with families, risking their lives to fight those fires. What this book did for me is just made me appreciate all those people. Not just the fire fighters but everyone who is out there day in and day out keeping us safe. Doing the work we aren't strong enough, or brave enough to do. I thank them. I do. So this wasn't just a book. This was an eye opener. This was journey to another life style. And as always, with her books, I fell in love. The people, the job, everything about this life, Nora made me love it. 

I recommend it to anyone who loves Nora Roberts.