Saturday, September 17, 2011

Birthright - Nora Roberts

As an archaeologist, Callie Dunbrook knows a lot about the past. But her own past is about to be called into question. Recruited for her expertise on the Antietam Creek dig, she encounters danger - as a cloud of death and misfortune hangs over the project, and rumors fly that the site is cursed. She finds a passion that feels equally dangerous, as she joins forces in her work with her irritating, but irresistible, ex-husband, Jake. And when a strange woman approaches her, claiming to know a secret about Callie's privileged Boston childhood, some startling and unsettling questions are raised about her very identity.

Searching for answers, trying to rebuild, Callie finds that there are deceptions and sorrows that refuse to stay buried. And as she struggles to put the pieces back together, she discovers that the healing process comes with consequences - and that there are people who will do anything to make sure the truth is never revealed.- Product description. 

I enjoy Nora Roberts - as I believe I have said before in this blog. Her books are often predictable, but there is always something new to explore with her. Whether you are jumping into a brush fire, running a winery, or digging up bones. I think that is why I enjoy reading her, even if the books having the same sappy happy endings. Because Nora writes from the heart, and if she doesn't personally know the subject matter, she makes sure she does when she sets out to right the story. I admire that.

This book was about and archaeologist who is fighting three battles. One she is trying to find dig up a settlement that is over 5,000 years old, and the locals are not so accommodating. She is trying to figure out who she really is after some difficult family questions come to surface and she is working with her ex-husband who tore her heart in two and stomped on it for good measure. Its a turn pager to see which one of the battles wear her down.

It was and enjoyable book!

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