Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bag of Bones - Steven King

Only Stephen King. Seriously I feel that is all the review necessary. Only Stephen King.
If one hasn't read a single story by him then its hard to understand. I too, when I started reading him, found him wordy...dragging sometimes. We get it, he dug a grave. We don't need to know how hard, cold, musty the dirt was. But we do. Oh yes. We do. Stephen King has a way of making the simplest phrases stick in your mind...forever. And take a whole knew meaning. You might be walking along, looking through a window and see a pretty soap stone statue and say "Hey this would look good in my living room next to that picture of Aunt Martha." And then, somewhere in the back of your mind, where his words live you hear "that's my dust catcher."  And that is when you decide that you don't need another dust catcher anyway. And continue walking.
He makes bathrooms places of misery, flying kites tragedies, proms scary, dogs evil, sewer drains terrifying and God help you in the woods. The something about Stephen King is if you can read through his books, then you are no longer reading his books. You are living them. They become a part of you and his nightmare's become yours. His characters and places take hold of you like no other. Perhaps, its because I lived in Maine, so I am familiar with the places he speaks of. I can easily see a Maine woods, or a Maine lake. When he mentions real towns, I have been through them. But honestly, I felt the same way in The Stand, and I have never been to Nebraska, or Colorado. Its his descriptions. Its him, telling us for four pages how the grave looked and smelled and felt. For an entire chapter describing the very essences of the dark man. If it wasn't for that, then his books wouldn't catch us the way they do.

Bag of Bones is seriously no different. In this book Mike Noonan is trying to get over the loss of his wife and decides to go back to their summer home in TR-90...Sara Laughs. Here he gets in the middle of a legal battle with Mattie and her three year old daughter Kyra and Kyra's grandfather. But something else is happening, something other worldly. His feelings for Kyra and Mattie intensify just as he starts to really understand the history and truth that haunts TR-90 and Sara Laughs.

A great book by Mr. King. I am not going to tell you that now I am going to run out and read them all. Because I am not. Some of his stories have not pull for me. The darktower series for one. I just can't seem to get into it. Maybe someday. Salem's Lot I might try though. I enjoy getting pulled into his world...into his mind. I look forward to another journey with him.

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