Friday, October 7, 2011

Ransom My Heart - Meg Cabot

Okay so this book is exactly what it sounds like. A cheesy romance novel. Thankfully though, not too bad. It had a plot which was actually really intriguing.

Set back in the 1200's Finn isn't like other girls. Where they wait for husbands and children, she hunts and fishes. When one of her sisters asks for help she goes to find a man to ransom for money. When she comes across Huge Fitzstephen, an Earl all she sees is the fat coin purse he is waving around. He lets her believe he is a knight and allows her to "capture" him. During their travel back to her village, they fall into lust. He decides he is to marry her, unbeknownst to her. When she finds out he is in fact and Earl and not a knight, and soon to be her husband, she is beside herself. She has already been down this road, and doesn't want to go down again.

But all that is just the beginning, for in the Earl's absents, his cousin has ruled and not kindly. Nor does he want to give up the manor.

Its hard reading period pieces because they use words we don't use. But more, because men and woman's rolls were so much different back then. It was okay for a husband to hit his wife. And that, to me, is just despicable, so when I read about even the threat of a man hitting a woman I just cringe. I have to remind myself that it was a different time, different era. Still I enjoyed this book very much.

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