Monday, October 24, 2011

Night Shift - Stephen King

As per his usual - Stephen King delivers. That being said, I am not a huge fan of short stories. I like to get involved with the characters and places and short stories don't allow you do that, if anything they make you yearn for more. This was no exception with King's. While I don't like them, he made me want more.

I will do a quick summery of the stories (admittedly I didn't read all of the stories, I know I am awful.)

Jerusalem's Lot - A man inherits a house that the locals considered cursed. Him and his man soon find out that they noises in the walls aren't rats, and something very sinister happened in the neighboring town, that was left deserted some time ago.

Graveyard Shift - When a group of workers is asked to work overtime cleaning out a basement, they get more then they bargained for. A huge colony of rats has over taken the sub-ground levels, unfortunately, that is the least of their problems. (Pretty sure this got turned into a movie)

Night Surf - A group of teenagers are the last survivors of a plague called Captain Trips. (setting us up for The Stand) 

I am the doorway - A man has a problem with some space parasite taking over his body.

The Mangler - When an industrial laundry machine gets a taste for blood, its up to a police officer and his friend to try and cast out the evil spirit.

Gray Matter - A man turns into a gray glob after drinking bad beer.

Trucks - All the trucks have come alive, and they want us to serve them (Setting for Maximum Overdrive)

Sometimes they come back - A teacher who had a very tragic incident involving a local gang and his brother happen to him, tries to put it behind him. New job, new students. Except, there are some new faces, problem is...they should be his age, not in high school and more over...they should be dead. - Setting for Sometimes they come back  - movie

Children of the Corn - A couple trying to fix their marriage go on a road trip (Side jaunt DUMB IDEA!), and they end up lost in a small town in Nebraska. There they find not adults, but children, none over 19, have been running things, or something more sinister has been running them. - Setting for Children of the Corn movie. 

One for the road - Man comes to a bar saying him and his family got stuck and need help. They got stuck in Jerusalem's Lot. The locals know that this is a cursed place and loath to go there, but they must help this man. Sure enough when they get there, the creatures are waiting. - Setting for Salem's Lot (book and movie I would imagine.)

All in all a great bunch of stories (and there were more I didn't read). Its amazing that with some of these full length movies were made. Stephen King can condense his thoughts and ideas and get to the point, but personally, I like it when he rambles.

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