Saturday, October 1, 2011

HIgh Noon - Nora Roberts

Another fun book by Nora Roberts. This book was all the lines of Angel Falls and the like, with a killer in the midst and not knowing who or why. Phoebe MacNamara is negotiator with the Savanna PD. She has a beautiful seven year old daughter, an agoraphobic mother and a past that still haunts her, but has made her what she is today. Her life is plenty full. Full enough that the pursuits of one Duncan Smith don't seem worth her time. Of course, this changes. This is a good book, filled with suspense, romance and humor.

On a personal note, wouldn't it be nice if romance writers wrote the lead character plain. Or even...with some deformity? It gets kind of...tiring to always read of the hot, sexy insert coolest career ever, who meets hot sexy insert loner boy career here. For once I'd like to read of a school teacher who never had a date, who gets swept off her feet by waste management guy. Just saying.

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