Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fighting To Survive - Rhiannon Frater

The second book in the As the world dies trilogy.
Having finally secured some safety within the a construction site, the survivors of a small Texas town have started to think about taking over the near by hotel. Problem is they know there are zombies in there, they are just unsure how many. Travis, the unofficial fort leader is leery of making more trouble, but knows that they have outgrown the emergency fort they put together in those first few days. With the take over of the hotel looming, and groups going out to find other survivors and supplies, there is enough stress to go around. Unfortunately that isn't their only problem. Bandits are about, taking woman and children, food and supplies from smaller groups, and killing when they don't get their way. Or worse, corralling zombies right to survivors and letting them do their work for them. It seem that there is no way to stop them, and the fort is on high alert while they try an figure out what to do. Its bad enough fighting the undead, having to fight other living humans, is just wrong.

This book explores more character dynamics, you see more relationships build and even some fall apart. You see people coming together and people losing control. Its a great sequel to the first book and makes me excited for Siege which comes out in April.

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