Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hotwire - Alex Kava

This is the ninth Maggie O'Dell novel, but I am sure I have only read three or four, so I don't think you have to read them all to read this book, although I am sure it would help.

In this Maggie is investigating the death of cows when a crime involving teenagers pulls her away. They claim some animal got them, two kids are dead, and one is severely injured. Across the country the CDC and USAIRMID are dealing with an outbreak of salmonella. Its a strain they haven't seen and its effecting only school children. They have days to figure out what is causing it before Monday and more kids get sick.

Pretty fun read...completely mindless. It is what it is. You really can think about doing dishes while reading this book, but Alex has a fun clever dialog and Maggie is a strong female lead.

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