Sunday, December 4, 2011

#90 - When she woke - Hillary Jordan

Read. This. Book.

When Hannah Payne wakes up, she is red. Her skin color has been medically changed to show her crime. In a world not to far ahead of ours, people aren't sent to jail for their crimes, not the "mild" ones, instead, they are given an injection and forced to walk around with the label. Hannah - aborted her child. Is forced to walk 16 years as a red for crime. She quickly finds out that being a red is only one of her problems.

I enjoyed this book so much. Its a modern day Scarlet Letter, (really it is), but it really hits home because you can really see something like this taking place in America. A world where crimes are punished by creating outcasts. Chromes. This book angered me, and saddened me, and made me feel happy. I really felt for Hannah through her journey discovering herself, facing her choices, and embracing and uncertain future. We should all be as brave as her.

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