Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Silent Girl - Tess Gerritsten

I lost count of which Rizzoli and Isles book this is...ten maybe? Anyway, this one does not disappoint.

If you don't know Jane Rizzoli and Isles - then start with The Surgeon, this is where you will first meet Rizzoli - a tough Homicide Detective from Boston. You meet Maura Isles later in the series. Although, I wouldn't consider them a 'team' as the new TV show makes them out to be. They certainly work together to fight crime, one being the detective and the other a medical examiner. There isn't, however, girl bonding and shoe sharing. Anyway, that being said moving on to the book.

IN this we find Jane in the middle of a strange homicide in Boston's Chinatown. At first, the only mystery is the woman, who had a severed hand and almost severed head, and who wanted her dead. Then things get weird. Are they chasing a person or some mythical Chinese legend. One thing is for sure, its a case that isn't easily solved and requires the Boston detective team to look in places they never thought to look.

I enjoyed this, as I do all Gerritsten's books. She has a medical degree, so there is rich detail when she describes anything with the human body. She also does her research. At then end of her books you see countless people she thanks for their advice and knowledge. You can tell she really puts everything into a book, every page you turn because the detail is there. You feel like you a right there with Jane, looking at clues and wondering who done it.

I would recommend, of course, reading all the books from the beginning, but with her books, you don't need to. Its just nice to have the extra background. Then you feel like, one of the guys...or girls.

* The Surgeon - Introduces Jane Rizzoli 
* The Apprentice - Introduces Dr. Maura Isles 
* The Sinner
* Body Double
* Vanish
* The Mephisto Club 
* The Bone Garden
* The Keepsake 
* Ice Cold
* The Silent Girl

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