Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bumped - Megan McCafferty

First off let me warn you there will be a sequel...

I liked and I didn't like this book. I enjoyed McCarfferty's writing style. I even enjoyed the idea, a Virus that makes people over a certain again infertile would be pretty grim. However, I had a hard time reading this for many reasons. The first, and most important reason probably, because I have huge issues with teen pregnancy. Huge. So the whole time I am not only reading about girls who are as young as 13 pregnant, but who are doing it for profit. Teenagers having sex just to get pregnant. It was a hard concept to read. By the end of the book though, I was so wrapped up in it, that I didn't...notice as much.

This book is about two sisters, identical twins, who were separated at birth. One, Harmony, grows up in Goodside, where they still have God. It's kind of like an Amish community. Very close knit and very religious.
The other, Melody, grows up on the Otherside and knows since she was little, that it is her destiny to bred, and bred well. To the highest bidder. Her foster parents have done everything to make sure she is perfect.

When the two sisters meet, everything they both planned for falls apart. Now they have to decide which future they want, which one is right, and what it truly means to be family.

This was a great book, like I said. Once you get over the teen pregnancy it becomes an easy read. I look forward to the next one...which is rumored (from McCafferty's page) to be called Thumped and is hopefully due out Spring 2012!

Also she has a series called the Jessica Darling Series, first one in the serious is called Sloppy Firsts. I may check it out...

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