Sunday, July 17, 2011

2030 - The real story of what happens to America - Albert Brooks

2030...doesn't seem that far away anymore. Albert Brooks is better known for his acting, he was in Finding Nemo as Marlin and played in Weeds as Lenny. While I think he did a fantastic job as Marlin, and I never knew him in other roles, I must say he makes one heck of an author.

I found that he wrights much like the late Micheal Crichton. It has the same feel when you are reading his book, as Crichton's do. Of course, I loved Crichton's work so enjoyed Brooks from page one.

This books tells of a story that is completely believable if not a damn near prediction to what may come. In the year 2030 we have cured cancer. People are living longer then ever imagined and living well thanks to all kinds of new longevity drugs on the market. This angers the young kids who are watching their parents struggle, and their grandparent reap the benefits. The kids know that they will never be able to have it as good as the 'olds' and something needs to be done about that.

To make matters worse, the worst natural disaster in history hits California. A 9.1 earthquake and a few 8.9 8.0 aftershocks level LA. Thousands of people injured, homeless, sick. Hundreds dead. The big problem comes when they learn that the country has no means to put it right.

As the nation loses hope, and new deals are made, a more silent war is being fought over the rights of the younger generation, and the rights of the ones 'living beyond their years'.

This is a fantastic book, filled with dark humor and thought provoking ideas.

*As an addendum - I just want to say - Crichton writes medical/political type books. Brooks' book is defiantly a little political and obviously touches on medical issues, but not even close to what Crichton wrote about. I compare their writing styles only. Not subject matter.

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