Sunday, April 3, 2011

Awakened - P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

This is the eight installment of the House of Night series. The first seven are: Marked, Betrayed, Chosen, Untamed, Hunted, Tempted, and Burned.  The ninth book will be out in Fall of 2011. 

First of all, I enjoy this series. P.C. Cast is an amazing author. I have read her other books and really enjoyed them as well. Kristen Cast is amazing as well, although I have never read any of her solo work. I can tell the difference between P.C.'s solo work and the work she does with her daughter. These books still have the same rich detail, the same intensity, heart and wonderful mix of reality and fantasy. But with Kristen's help you get a sense of the 'teenager'. It is wonderful because while I feel like I would be closer to P.C. I have a little sister so I get a kick when I see things that are so obviously Kristen's influence (and I so hope I am right about that!!). 

SPOILER ALERT  - Not with this book, but with the series!! If you haven't read the first seven stop reading. 

In this story we continue to follow Zoey on her path to her Goddess Nix. She has just healed from having her soul shattered, losing her high school boyfriend, Heath, and almost losing her warrior Stark. Her best friend, Stevie Ray is keeping a big secrete from everyone, a Raven Mocker named Rephaim. Whose daddy is back and not happy. Neferet who's evil, vial, loathsome deeds know no bounds. 

This book, as the last one did, took the point of view from many different people. Never a good sign.

A little part of me, that part that becomes so horribly invested in fictional character's lives, died a little during this book. For reasons I will never be able to comprehend, the Cast woman decided it was time for one of the character's to meet their end. I almost didn't finish reading the book. It was that horrific. The pain was prolonged through out the entire book. 
I believe the ninth book, Destined, is going to be soul wrenching. I say this because in Burned, Heath died...sweet, lovable, goofy Heath. In this one, some one else died which was in way much, much worse. I believe in the next, someone else we love, because no one is safe, will die. And it will be because of that death, that Neferet is seen for who she is, and Zoey and her gang will finally have the battle that has been brewing for nine books. 

That is my belief. As always, author's tend to surprise us. Who would have predicted Dumbledore, or Snape? Who would have seen Fred? Who would have guessed Heath? Who would thought of hybrid babies? 

I hope though, that books end well. After investing this much time into them, I will be disappointed if Neferet has a heart attack and Zoey runs off with Stark into the moonlight. Warning to you Cast women! And of love of the Goddess, please, please leave everyone else alone! I can't say more, else I will give it away. 

Do I recommend this book? Do I suggest you run out and read it? Did I enjoy it? What is my grade? Emotionally my answers are NO! NO! NO! AND F! Intellectually. YES! YES! YES! A++. 

Reader beware though...your heart will forever be changed.

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  1. -.- Well, I know through deductive reasoning that Stark doesn't die.. that leave DAMIEN AND JACK.. not cool (I mean 'cause who cares about the twins really LOL). Or it could be Rephaim, but no one really knows him yet.. I think that would mostly only disappoint me and Stevie Rae lol (and Stevie's already died once... so like that's not something that would happen again.. or it wouldn't be that bad I guess..)
    I think I'll wait for Destined before I read Awakened.. because Destined is the last one so I can read both at the same time and just get it over with hahah
    Sounds like an emotionally charged book for sure though!
    I cry during every book though. Let's see, just in the last few books I've read - "Nevermore" check, "Hunger Games" double check, "Liar" .. no, actually I didn't cry during "Liar" lol win! XD
    I do look forward to reading it though, even though if YOU cried I'm going to create a flood LOL