Friday, April 22, 2011

The Host - Stephine Meyer

First of all - yes I have read this book. Three times in fact. So, although I have already read it, I still feel the need to blog about it, because I have re-read it this year, and this blog is all about keeping up with all the books I read. Whether that book is a old book or a new book to me. :) Moving on. 

This book is one of my favorites for many reasons. I like the idea, the characters, the author, description, outcome and love the ending. It is a rare book that does all this for me in 700 pages or less.

See what to say with out giving anything away? The story is about Wanda and Melanie Stryder. They both live in the same body. Melanie's to be perfectly honest. She is a rebel survivor. One of the few remaining humans left on Earth. The peaceful beings who call themselves, the Souls, have overtaken the planet. The Souls believe that the humans didn't deserve this beautiful planet. The humans, of course, felt like they were being invaded by the body snatchers. The Souls feared the humans, and the humans hated the souls.

Melanie and Wanda strike a very uncommon friendship based on their...situation and mutual love for two people. It is because of this love that Wanda chooses to turn her back on the souls and go in search for the humans she dreams of.

This is amazing, beautiful book. I could and do recommend it to ANY one. Everyone. I don't think there is a person out there that wouldn't enjoy this book. No matter your taste. Meyer, of course, does the Twilight books, which I, of course, love. That being said, this is NOTHING like the Twilight books. Nothing. This is a book all its own. I despise when people try to compare them.

There is, naturally, a movie being talked about. Now I had to go an just compile my dream list. Its hard because of course, no matter what it will never be as good as the movie. And some of these actors I am choosing purely on looks. I know I shallow.

Kay so Jeb either Jeff Bridges or Jim Varney. I know two completely different actors and faces. Honestly I think Bridges would be best, but Varney has some characteristics that I think Jeb has too. If you read the book I would hope you could see this as well! 

For Kyle or Jared. (I know, I know two different people but honestly I didn't like either of them till the end) I go with David Boreanaz (Angel). Just on looks alone (told you I was shallow) 

For laughing...Booboo Stewart. I know, I know but come on isn't he adorable?!

Now for Wanda/Melanie I got this from husband cause I drew a complete blank. But he thinks Jordana Brewster would work. (Fast and Furious) which is ironic cause it brings me to my next character played by an actor from the same movie.

Ian - Paul Walker...don't knock it yet...think about the book if you must. I love Ian Somerhalder for Ian but...I don't know...He would be good cause obviously he is suppose to look like Kyle...but I am not sure...It'd be nice if he is in though, just for a little eye candy!!

So that is that...there are tons more people, I like Sigourney Weaver for the mean Aunt. :) Just cause I think she would be amazing. Course you would never be able to get all these people together for a movie, although it would be great, because the book is amazing. You can half ass it with people who can't act. I pray, if there is a movie, Stephine Meyer use a little more...common sense....O.o

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  1. Wait! Weren't Ian and Kyle brothers? I haven't read the book in ages. But I think they were. That would be HYSTERICAL to see Paul and Ian as brothers again haha xD And I love boo boo Stewart! He is so precious! I think Melanie would be hardest to cast; she's kind of like Katniss. Like sexy, but dirty, badass but vulnerable. It's hard to find an actress who can be all that.