Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nevermore - Kelly Creagh

Another warning: If there isn't a sequel this book ends HORRIDLY! If there is, well then you must wait for one.

I enjoyed this book. I read it because my good sister wrote such a wonderful review for it on her blog, writeforabsolution.wordpress.com. Otherwise I don't believe I would have picked it up. I have never read a Edgar Allen Poe book. I know blasphemy. That being said I know OF his works. I appreciate him as a writer, even if I have never read it him.

This book references, Poe's work, it...I don't want to say takes place, but...it has great similarity to one of his works, The Masque Of The Red Death.

Okay, so this book starts out with a cheerleader, Isobel who gets paired with a 'goth' Varen to do an English Project on Edger Allen Poe. As they work on their project, things start happening. The worlds between reality and dreams grows thin, and by then end, everything Isobel knew for truth, is turned around.

I enjoy this book, the build up was great, the characters were wonderful. The book did...have stalled parts. Where I was seriously skimming because I was, not bored, but not as interested I guess.
I am hopefully looking forward to a sequel, although with this book being over 500 hundred pages, I don't see how much more there is to write. We shall see.

I suggest it though, even if there isn't a sequel. I suggest it to high school kids. Let me rant for a moment. I think books like this, and yes Twilight, The Mortal Instruments, Harry Potter to name a few. Are wonderful books, to 'introduce' kids into real reading. This book, not only is interesting in its own right, but it could broaden someones mind into Poe. You read this and say, hey I wonder what other things he has read (the book gives you some great titles), and boom, a kid who didn't read is now not only reading, but reading Poe! That is great!

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  1. Only Twilight suggests stupid books; like "Wuthering Heights" at least this book suggests cool books 'cause Poe was the man! :P

    I agree that the book has kind of a lull in it. If you've read "Masque of the Red Death" the lull makes more sense :P but it is still kind of 'sooo let's move along' and I agree with that.

    I think the sequel will be shorter.. unless Creagh uses like Fall of the House of Usher or something for the next one xD