Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sing you home - Jodi Picoult

I LOVE Jodi Picoult. And I LOVED this book. 

There are many authors that I like, even if their books have the same underlining theme. Nora Roberts, her books always have a strong female character, who sets off on her own, makes her own way and ends up falling in love with a man who thinks he needs to (fix/help/protect/tame) her. Stephen King, well all the books I have read, make me wonder how the guy sleeps at night. He takes the unknown or those questions you ask yourself late at night, or a dark road, and turns them real. Makes them known.
 Jodi Picoult always has morals or ethics involved in her stories. She brings to light different sides to an issue so that you find yourself agreeing with both sides, or arguing a side. This was actually the first book where during the ethical/moral battle I was firmly on one side. Usually she is able to make me see both sides. I guess its because this is an issue I wouldn't or couldn't be swayed on.

In this amazing story. Zoe is a musical therapist who is married to Max who is a recovering alcoholic. They want children so bad but it never happens. They end up going through years of fertility treatments and years of failed attempts. They get so far into debt they don't see a way out. Finally Max has enough and divorces Zoe.

In the months following the divorce, Max goes through a lot of whiskey. After a car accident that nearly kills him, Max finds Jesus. Zoe goes through more medical hardships in the incurring months after the divorce. She finally finds love in a place she never imagined. In her best friend Vanessa. She wants to start try having children again, but Max, who has found religion, has decided that he doesn't want their eggs to go to her. He wants them to go to his good, God-fearing, Christian brother and his wife.

It turns into a huge legal battle. Religion over sexuality. Church vs State. Where do we draw the lines. Why do some people have to make it so hard, for others to be in love.

This is story about all the different kinds of families. How not one is right, not one is perfect. The whole time I was reading this, I kept thinking, who says a Mother/Father family is so right? I am sure there are hundreds of social workers who take kids out of homes that have a mom AND a dad. Being gay doesn't make anyone better or worse. Just like being a Pieces doesn't make anyone better or worse. Someday, soon I hope, we will be a society that doesn't think in terms of gay and straight. Instead of sneering when we see same sex couples holding hands, we will smile because they are in love.

I think its wonderful that Jodi goes through so much research in her books. She really takes her time, gets her information right. It marks a good author. Its one thing to say oh I have this great idea and write it. Its another to say oh I have this great idea, let me make sure I have my facts straight!

I would recommend this book to anyone with a heart. If you believe music is the soul, read it. If you believe in gay rights, read it. If you have had fertility issues, or gone through the heartbreak of a stillborn and miscarriages, read it. If you just like a good great book, read it.

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  1. I tried to read Jodi once and I got bored Dx I don't know, I can't read her.. it sounds good though. . .