Monday, December 13, 2010

Books everyone should read....part one

So I created this blog recently and thus, don't have some of the great books I have read this year on here. Or from years past. So I made a little list of books that I highly recommend. :) Enjoy.

1. Any thing Jodi Picoult writes

2. The Jane Rizzoli & Maura Isle's Books by Tess Gerristsen

3. Harry Potter Series - J.K.Rowling -you know you want to

4. The Dome - Stephen King

5. The Passage - Justin Cronin

6. The Stand - Steven King

7. Anything by P.C. Cast ~ But especially here Divine Goddess Series

8. The Host - Stephine Myer

9. Lightening - Dean Koontz

10. The Shannara Series - Terry Brooks

11. Anything Dan Brown

12. Sister's Choice - Emilie Richards

13. Anything Sarah Dessen

That should keep you busy until I remember more :)

1 comment:

  1. Umm Sarah Dessen is amazing! HP Obvi! The Host! Dan Brown for sure. I have to say that the 'moral fiction' tales don't thrill me LOL and the Tess series made a good show but I'm not sure I'd like the books just because it's too like.. smart xD haha <3