Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Dead & The Gone - Susan Beth Pfeffer

This is part of a series (The Last Survivors Series (formally the Moon Series). The first one is, Life As We Knew It and the third one is The World We Live In.
This one was my favorite (yes I read out of order. I read the first and third one then this one.) I enjoyed this one for many reason and I don't believe I will give anything away.
In the first one we follow the events through a girls diary. She, her little brother and big brother fight the aftermath an asteroid hitting the moon. In this book, however, the story takes place following a teenage boy in care of his two sisters. His parents and older brother are missing. It is up to him to make all the decisions in regard to their health and safety.
It was a sad, tragic and yet uplifting book. Yet again, the reason why I love these books, it is in these times that you see the very best in humanity. Yes we see the worst as well. But I like to focus on the best. Another coming of age book in a time when surviving the hardest thing to do.
She is an astounding writer, she really gets into your soul and the characters don't leave you for a long time.
A very solid A. I kind of hope there are more.

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