Monday, December 20, 2010

Rot & Ruin - Johathan Maberry

First of all, you can find the first part of this in, The New Dead - A Zombie Anthology By Chirstopher Golden.

I went nuts while I was reading this, knowing what was happening, but also being quite sure I never actually read this book!!

Second of all, don't let the title deter you from reading it...

That being said. I love it.

This is a coming of age book in the midst of a zombie filled world. The outbreak happened fourteen years ago, so the kids the story follows, were just babies or not yet born when it all happened. The have no memory of the world before, and the only life they know is the one that exists inside the fence. Outside the fence, the great big Rot And Ruin.

Out there, people make their own rules, and sometimes the worst thing you find aren't the zombies, but actual living breathing humans.

This is an amazing story of courage, love, trumph, failure, the darkest places of human evil and the most amazing depths of human compassion.

This isn't a zombie book. This is a life book. A coming of age. Finding out who you are and who you are meant to be. A+ I look forward to reading a lot more by Maberry.

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