Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hunger and Lies -Gone Novels - Michael Grant

Hunger is the second book in the Gone Series. This book was just as hard to read (emotionally), as the first book. For different reasons. By now you have gotten use to the fact that there are no adults, although its still hard to envision children drinking, smoking, fighting, starving. Its so hard to read. This book still follows the main characters from the last book.  Also the new threat of starvation is present. Grant really writes in detail, what the children go through in various stages of starvation. Its horrid! To make matters worse finding food turns out to be a very dangerous thing to do. Of course there is always the threat of Caine and his group. They are hungry, they are mean and they are ready for another fight. 

Lies is the third book in the Gone Series. Its been seven months since the wall went up. Things are still holding on by a thread. More gangs have popped up. Its freaks (those with special gifts) against normals. The normals are being run by a little punk named Zil. He unfortunately has followers and they reek havoc on the FAYZ. If they weren't enough, seems like some people don't stay dead, and people you thought were gone for good are back for another round. 

As Sam says in the end of this book "we just take it one day at in the FAYZ" so true. 

There is a fourth one coming out, in April its called Plague! I am super excited! I am not 100% sure how many there will be. I love this series, but really how much more can you write about? We shall see. I do believe that Plague has a very promising title though. I shall of course, keep you posted!

PS Yet again, if looking for these books at your local library or bookstore, the covers are mostly likely different. I have used these because the covers just irritate me. :)

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