Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Zenith - Julie Bertagna (part two of a trilogy)

This is the second book of a trilogy. The first book was Exodus (reviewed here). The third and final installment will be released sometime this year and is titled, Aurora. (which I am looking very forward to!) 
I know it seems like I read a lot of young adult fiction...please give comments if any "adult" writers are writing post-apocalyptic fiction. I enjoy them so much. The struggle for survival in the worst circumstances, just really draws me in. This book deliverers that. This book is amazing, and you feel so much more for the characters then you did in the first one. You are more invested. The great thing is this book doesn't add too much. I find with a lot of sequels there is too much going on. With this you are still following Mara and her friends. (they do meet one new person). It actually takes place from three different points of view. (Which I enjoyed). I can't say enough for this series. I would wait, however, until its complete. The wait might kill me!!

I have to mention here ( even though this is a book blog). The author of this book, Julie Bertagna, got the idea for this book when she saw a news report about islands being washed away because of global warming. (this actually happened, you can check it out here...) You can visit her site here, Julie Bertagna. It really is important for all of us to do whatever we can to help save the Earth. Using less paper, less water, recycling, turning the heat down, driving less, etc. There are TONS of things we can do daily that won't really impact your life, but will mean a WORLD of differance to our environment. This problem may no effect us, or even our children, but it most defianatly will impact future generations. Its up us to change. They are depending on us. :)

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