Thursday, January 27, 2011

Unwind - Neal Shusterman

Want to talk about a controversial topic? How about abortion for starters? No? Well that is where this book starts.

In this book they have outlawed abortion (yay to the pro-lifers), but they have decided a few things. First there is a new rule that, as long as you aren't caught, you are allowed to 'stork' your baby when its first born. This means you are allowed to drop off your baby on the doorstep of someone Else's house. Also they have come up with a nifty way of using all body parts. So when you die, not only can your organs be used, but skin, limbs, tissue, you get the idea. So that leaves us with the second part of our new anti-abortion law. At the age of (I think its thirteen), your parents can have you...unwound. Meaning you will be donated, or more specifically your body parts will be. They try to make this seem good, you'll go on living through many people blah blah. The great fight that was fought over abortion was many years before this, so everyone seems to forget that its PEOPLE that are being unwound. Same as people seem to forget that is PEOPLE who are dying in abortion clinics but that is another topic.

This story follow three unwinds. One is a trouble maker, one is a ward of the state and one is being unwound for religious reasons. Its heartbreaking, its scary, it makes you angry and sad and confused. It doesn't question your morals...well maybe it would if you were on the fence one way or the other. But the characters DO stay with you. You think about the story long after you are done reading it. That I believe is that mark of a good book.

Do I recommend it for You have to be okay with the topic. If you are really deep one way or the other then this book would probably just piss you off. Me, I am firm in my belief but, not enough to not enjoy other points of view (especially fictional), and not enough to be bothered by this book. It's your call.

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