Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Good House - Tananarive Due

Do you like Peter Straub? Stephen King? Dean Koontz? Then I am pretty sure you will like this book.

It is classified as horror, but I didn't find it scary at all. Course I grew up on Stephen King, so I could be jaded.

The story follows a family with deep spiritual roots. Angela's Grandmother, Marie, was a voodoo priestess and unknowingly awakened the baka. Seventy odd years later her grandson Corey, brought him out. Its up to Angela and her friend Miles to banish him once and for all.

I found the book wordy, though I am not complaining, just a fact. I am not sure if I will run out to read the rest of her books, but I feel like she will always be there for me to pick up when I am short on suggestions. A solid B+ in my opinion.

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